Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Green Spot - How to Recycle/Repurpose Those Bread Ties!

Image 1

Ever wonder what to do with all of these???:  Read on!...


Image 2


Image 3

Images 2 and 3 are the titles/headers I created on a 2-page layout documenting my infant son's journey into the world of eating solid foods.  I used baby yarn and miniature safety pins for the string "hanger" to attach the bread ties.
Image 4



Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

The remaining images 4 through 8 are close-ups of the individually decorated bread ties.  Some have letters, some stickers, etc.  You can cover them with paper, paint them, color them with sharpies, etc., to match your layouts. 
Another cute idea:  have a teacup with a string and the teabag "tag" dangling outside the cup.  The "tag" can be one of the smaller bread ties and you can customize it for a scrapbook layout, get well card, or even a tea party invitation.  There are hundreds of uses for these little gems, so start saving and repurposing those bread ties!  Have fun!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SEPTEMBER 2011 -- Crops of Luv Neighborhood News--About Our Volunteers

Crops of Luv has so many faithful volunteers who work tirelessly to support our cause, we wanted to regularly highlight our volunteer stories.  The Crops of Luv Neighborhood News will be a regular blog to let our volunteers know how very much we appreciate their hard work and support. 

September 2011: Our (hopefully) monthly "shout out" and BIG OL' THANK YOU to the "Crops of Luv Crop Nights" group and all of THEIR suppliers and supporters in our "northern sister" land of Canada!  Rochelle and Tracy just held their second crop night with the help of amazing donations from Scrapmuch?, Dell's Pharmacy, Victoria Keith, Brenda Follington, Alex Humphrey, Renia Humphrey, Julie Neil, the Salvation Army Church.  We are SO VERY GRATEFUL for your hard work and dedication on behalf of the COL mission.