Saturday, January 29, 2011


We've scoured the floors fo CHA to meet some of the most AMAZING people.  I can't believe all of the great feedback and offers of support that poured in today.  I think we've really found some create connections to help us get the word out about what we do. 

This morning we attended a keynote address by Nick Bilton of the New York Times.  He spoke about the impact of social media on how we communicate and interact with information.  One of the things he said that struck me was that marketing isn't so much about putting up billboards or buying ad space.  It is about creating a conversation with your community.  So... here is the challenge... how do we create that community so that people CARE about what we have to say... not just here but in every form of social media we use? 

I have also gotten the sense that crafting is changing in very important ways.  We as crafters want our crafting to MEAN something so that when we create something it has a purpose.  That means we don't just craft to pass the time or because it's fun... we make things to be used for something.  I think that is an important realization for today. 

SO beginning today, I invite you to join the conversation.  What is it about crafting that creates purpose for you?  How do we begin to create a Crops of Luv community? 

Friday, January 7, 2011


A group of us are going to CHA at the end of the month and we're so excited to go!  For those of you not familiar with CHA, this is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show.  They have it twice a year and this is where ALL of the newest scrapbooking goodies are unveiled.  Most of us won't see them in the stores until late spring or early summer. 

We are so excited because Scrapbook Royalty has organized an opportunity for our supporters to have a chance to get some of the latest and greatest products BEFORE they hit the stores AND the proceeds will benefit Crops of LUV!  HOW totally COOL IS THAT!!!!!

There will be goody bags, sneek peeks via the web, and EXCLUSIVE access to new products in an online silent auction during CHA (January 28th through 31st).  All you have to do is visit the link below to purchase your ticket and get your goody bag and pass this on to anyone you can think of that might like the chance to play with the new stuff before anyone can buy it!

Help with fundraising....

For those of you raising money for Super Crop for a Cause, you can request a custom donation button to send to your friends and family.  Then all they have to do to help us raise money is to click that button and use their trusty ATM or Credit card to make a donation to Crops of Luv on your behalf.

To get a donate button, just email and give your name, a short bio or statement about why you are raising money for Crops of Luv, and a picture. You do not have to include a bio or picture but it makes it more personal. It does not have to be a picture of you either... It can be of whatever you want! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

WELCOME to our first post for SUPER CROP for a CAUSE

We are SOOOoooo excited for our first ever Super Crop for a Cause. 
Registration is NOW OPEN!!!!  Click here to register.

You can help us raise money and make the most albums we've ever made in one day. Here are some of the fun way to win prizes while you help us out and Become Scrapbook Royalty!

There are four ways to do this:
1) The Queen of Philanthropy
Bring in the most donations and be crowned "Queen of Philanthropy".
2) Queen of Silent Auctions
At this time all the silent auctions will be for handmade as well as non-scrapbooking related items. Bring your own handmade creation to donate and together we can raise money to make albums for the families we help. The participant that donates the most money through silent auction will be crowned "Queen of Silent Auctions".
3) Queen of Crafts
Win a tiara and fabulous prizes. Bring a handmade item for the Silent Auction. If your item fetches the most money will be crowned "Queen of Crafts".
4) Queen of Sweets
Bring a handmade dessert to share with your fellow croppers and compete for the title "Queen of Sweets"! We will serve your homemade treats during tea time and participants will vote on their favorite dessert! Make BITE SIZED pieces for 40 people. The winner will be crowned during the festivities.