Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Green Spot

Introducing "The Green Spot" a blog for sharing scrapping/craft ideas that "recycle/reuse/repurpose" items into usable items.  I'll be posting regular projects and hope that our COL friends will be willing to share their ideas and post them.  First up: Ever wonder what to do with all those empty CD holder containers that blank CDs come in?   (besides throwing them in the recycle bin, that is!)--Turn it into a ribbon holder.  It's pretty easy to make and it's free!  First of all, take the clear plastic "lid" of the CD container and poke holes in the top (I did about 8 holes). The CD container lid is hard plastic and might crack unless you use the "heated" method of poking the holes:  it's not hard to do, just take a phillips-head screwdriver and "warm" the tip of it over a candle or gas stove burner.  Once it's heated "poke" it into the plastic lid to make a hole about the size of a dime or nickel, depending on the width of your ribbons. "Wiggle" the screwdriver a little to enlarge the hole to your desired size. The heated screwdriver will "melt a hole" where you place it in the container lid.  The finished holes will be where your ribbons are threaded through, so make sure you make them big enough for the ribbon to pull through easily.   Repeat this about 8 times in a circle around the top of the plastic container lid.  Once you've made the holes, smooth the rough edges of the holes with an emery board, old nail file, some sand paper, or trim off rough edges with an X-acto blade.    Next, cover the outside of the lid with your favorite scrapbook paper.  This will not only hide the ribbon spools, but will match your decor.  To finish, stack your eight ribbon spools onto the CD container spool base and thread the ends of your ribbons up into the lid holes you made.  Secure the lid to the spool base and voila! you have a customized ribbon holder.  Hope you like this idea; share your results if you decide to make this "Green Spot" project.  --Lana :D


  1. Hi SueZ: Thanks! I hate waste and these containers are just perfect for organizing messy ribbon spools. Hope you try it!