Sunday, January 1, 2012


Boy, it keeps getting easier and easier (not to mention more fun) to donate to your fave charities--hope Crops of Luv is at the top of your list.  Try the iGive Button!  It's free!  Start now by forwarding this email to your friends and have them click on this link: .  Facebook, Twitter, and email make it easy to tell friends.  If only three friends join, that means $30 or more donated (example:  $5 x 3 to your charity; $5 to each of your friends' charities).  Something small makes BIG possible!  And, if you/your referred friends shop at any of the over 900 stores, the iGive Button makes certain a portikon of the purchase is also donated.  You can track your iGive activity on your very own dashboard at .  Just remember, to count as a "referral" and get the donations logged to your charity (i.e. Crops of Luv!) people you refer need to sign up and you/they need to: (1) be new to iGive; use this special link ( ); (2) install the iGive Button before November 21, 2011; (3) keep the button active for at least 90 days; and (4) be among the first 1 Million new iGive Buttons.  Simple, fun, easy, and you're helping others with your generosity of time (the few minutes it takes to DO IT!) and donations.  Thanks so much to all of our loyal Crops of Luv supporters.  Hope you try iGive out!

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