Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome One and All to Our Crops of Luv Happenings Blogspot!

I am so happy that our Crops of Luv (COL) blogspot is gaining new followers!  When Jody asked me to start doing the blog for COL, we had 12 followers.  Now we are up to 23!  I hope that number keeps growing and growing because it means that more and more people are aware of the Crops of Luv organization, its incredibly selfless co-founders Jody and Roberta, and the wonderful mission they created and fulfill by making memory scrapbooks for families with critically-ill children because "a life documented is a life remembered." 
Thank you so much to all the caring, AWESOME volunteers who have become a part of COL by volunteering untold hours creating these memory books.  Thank you to all our wonderful, giving SPONSORS too!  Their help and support is truly amazing and invaluable.
Tell everyone you know about COL and what we do....the more the news gets out that COL exists, the more support, volunteers, and donations COL gains!  That's definitely a win-win situation!  Every time I mail a book I've completed I tell the postal clerk what Crops of Luv is all about (they always ask what it is when they see the addressee) .  The postal clerks always think it's amazing (which it is) and say they will tell their friends.  So, don't be afraid to spread the good word about Crops of Luv!  Also, remember to regularly check this blogspot and the Crops of Luv Facebook page for all the latest news about Crops of Luv, upcoming COL, events, contests, etc.

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