Sunday, December 9, 2012

Help! Volunteers --- Here is the Crops of Luv "Greatest Needs" List

For our volunteers who already know this... thank you for supporting what we do!  For new Crops of Luv volunteers, here is a list of our "Crops of Luv Greatest Needs":

1. We desperately need support for our Album Sponsorship Drive (see details in separate blog entry). This will help ensure that we have the funds necessary to purchase the next 100 albums and then ship them all over the world without worrying about funds for shipping.

2. Our second greatest need is a new or nearly new SUV or van to transport COL supplies to events. We are currently using really old personal vehicles to transport items to events. A new vehicle would make it possible for us to travel to events all over the western US without worrying about getting where we need to go without breaking down. 

3. Our on-going greatest need is--WE NEED YOU!!!!! We can only continue to grow our Crops of Luv mission by adding new volunteers to the group of  great volunteers and sponsors we already have. We hope you will join us by: donating items for us to auction off; helping us scrapbook; sorting donations; or offering a large space for us to hold an event to make the albums. You can help Crops of Luv grow just by being there!

Share this with everyone... we can only continue to grow with support from people like you!

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