Thursday, August 18, 2011


Great news for all our supporters There are many ways you can donate funds to help support the Crops of Luv mission: 
(1) Donate directly through the link on this blogsite located on the righthand side of the page;
(2) Mail your donations to Crops of Luv at 11424 S. Pawnee Circle, Phoenix, AZ  85044;
(3) Donate through the Give Back Foundation website (founded by Oprah Winfrey and Steve Paletta).  It's a secure website where you can make charitable donations to your favorite charities, including CROPS OF LUV!  You can donate funds, but you can also donate by shopping online through the site.  There are hundreds of popular online shopping sites working with the GiveBack organization, and if you access the shopping sites through the site, then make your purchases, the online site will donate a portion of the sale to the charity you indicate on giveback (Crops of Luv is a great choice to contribute to!)  It's painless giving!  You get to shop and buy the items you would have already purchased anyway, and the store donates money to Crops of Luv on your behalf.  Easy-cheesy.  It's a secure and reputable site to use, so please check it out:  Go to, click on "Find a Charity" and type in Crops of Luv.  It will bring up a link for Crops of Luv.  Click on the link and it will give you donation/shopping, fun, and a feel-good experience.
(4) Donate at your workplace through the United Way Campaign!  This is a new option available to all our wonderful supporters.  All you need to do is designate Crops of Luv as the recipent and then your donation amount; Crops of Luv will be added to the United Way registry.  You will need our Crops of Luv address to donate through United Way.  The address is:  11424 S. Pawnee Circle, Phoenix, AZ  85044.

If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact us.  Thanks in advance from everyone at COL for your big hearts and continued support.

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