Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEEDED:  VOLUNTEERS TO SEW PILLOWCASES FOR THE GIVE KIDS THE WORLD (GKTW) PILLOW TREE.  Crops of Luv is very proud to partner with Give Kids the World (GKTW) in Kissimmee, Florida.  GKTW provides every criticallty-ill child and their siblings who visit with a special "dreams and wishes" pillow made especially for them.  GKTW sees thousands of children a year and has an on-going need for pillowcases.  So, if you're a seamstress (or know one) and would really like to make a difference in a child's world, please join the effort and help make pillowcases for this worthy GKTW project.

GIVE KIDS THE WORLD PILLOWCASE PROJECT.  This project will make four finished pillowcases.  You do not have to provide a pillow foam insert.  Both boy and girl novelty fabrics are needed, as well as prints for younger children and teens.
WHERE TO SEND COMPLETED PILLOWCASES: Please be sure to include a letter with every shipment to include the following information--name, address, phone number, e-mail, quantity of cases enclosed, and approximate value.  This information will allow GKTW to properly thank you and let you know your contribution has arrived at GKTW Village, as well as let GKTW to record your donation as required by law.  Mail your completed cases and letter to:

Phillip E. Torres, Support Services Manager
Give Kids the World
210 S. Bass Road
Kissimmee, FL  34746

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL WITH PHOTOS.  Following is a step-by-step tutorial generously shared by Ellen Benny, who also has this information on her own blogsite:  http://ellenbenny.blogspot.com/2011/04/give-kids-the-world-pillow-program-info-i.html .  Much thanks to Ellen for sharing her pictures and instructions. 

First:  cut a 1 yard (36 inches) length of 44-45-inch wide cozy flannel (solid color)

Next:  cut 1/3 yard (12 inches) length of 44-45-inch wide cozy flannel or soft cotton (coordinating children's novelty print; novelty prints for older teens are also needed and welcomed)

Hem a narrow hem along one cut edge of the novelty print and along both cut edges of the solid flannel.

With the hemmed edges aligned and right sides of fabrics together, sew the two fabrics together along the cut edge of the novelty print fabric.

With the two fabrics sewn together, lay out the fabrics with the novelty print on top
Fold the novelty fabric along the seam so the wrong side of the novelty fabric is against the right side of the flannel.
Measure 15 inches from the seam:
Fold the flannel back over the novelty print at the 15-inch mark you just made:
Fold the other end of the flannel back at the seam where it meets the novelty print:
Now you should have right sides together, wrong sides out, and the hemmed edges of the flannel overlapping about 2 inches over each other (this will become the back opening of the finished pillows where you can insert the pillow form):
Cut your folded "package" of fabrics into fourths (approximately 11 inches wide)
Take one of the folded pieces and sew seam along both edges, then surge or zigzag the edges of the seams to finish and prevent fraying.  Do this for all four folded pieces.
Turn right sides out:

You should have an now have an overlapping opening at the back of the flannel and a pocket on the novelty side of each of the four fabric "packages" which have now been transformed into pocketed pillowcases:

Your finished pillowcases should measure approximately 9-3/4 to 10 inches wide and 15 inches long with a pocket approximately 9-3/4 to 10 inches wide and 11 inches long.

Thanks to everyone who joins this effort and another special thanks to Ellen Benny. :D


  1. I wish I could sew. I have to tell you these pillows are my children's favorite memory of Give the Kids the World. They keep them on their beds and look at them from time to time. I'm so glad you are making these beautiful creations. They are guaranteed to put smiles on many children's faces.

  2. Is any type of flannel acceptable or is "cozy" flannel a specific type??? Is there a reason we have to use a solid flannel instead of the entire pillow being a pattern? Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Sue Z: Any soft flannel would be fine. The reason a solid was recommended was for contrast between the pillow and the pocket, but I'm sure it would work with all the same flannel if it's an appropriate print for children. Give it a shot, I'm sure GKTW will appreciate your efforts and contribution. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Shawnee: So happy to hear your children love the GKTW pillows. Crops of Luv loves GKTW too and we want to help them as much as they are helping us by allowing us to put our flyer in their welcome packs to all the families who visit. It's helping us to reach more families so we can document their treasured memories. Thanks for taking the time to post the kind comment.